Integrated Manual Therapy

As the name suggests, ‘Integrated Manual Therapy’ is the combined application of techniques and principles from different musculoskeletal modalities to form a comprehensive results based approach towards therapeutic excellence. Modalities include: 

Orthopaedic testing and assessment

Bio-mechanics / kinesiology from sports science

Osteopathic articulation

Osteopathic manipulative therapy

Western Medical Acupuncture

Myofascial Release technique

Neuromuscular therapy

Neuro dynamics

Bio-field release technique

Clinical sports and remedial massage therapy

Positional release technique

Advanced muscle energy techniques

Myofacial decompression cupping therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation 

Exercise therapy

Kinesiology taping (Roc Doc certified)

Peer reviewed musculoskeletal medical research

During therapy different techniques are combined interchangeably, providing a more comprehensive treatment of the injury or ailment.  Techniques are carefully selected to speed up rehabilitation and recovery, progressing from the most superficial and extrinsic tissues to the deep and intrinsic core. This ensures that tissue healing and the different recovery phases are stimulated and nurtured properly.