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What to expect during your treatment

Using only the most beneficial therapeutic applications, developed by field leaders though evidence based clinical science. From the moment your treatment begins our goal is to make certain that you start on the road towards healing and recovery ensuring that every step of the way your treatment is both safe and effective.

In your first treatment session your therapist will:

Take a detailed history of your injury or condition.

Carry out a full assessment of the problematic, injured or painful area, including testing the function and movements that are possible in and around that area – This will enable the therapist to gain a clearer understanding as to the origin of your complaint and what is required for your healing and rehabilitation.

Next, your treatment will involve a combination of hands on musculo-skeletal and neuro-uscular techniques to help ease your discomfort to realign and balance your tissues while simultaneously stimulating your body’s healing processes.

Finally, you will be coached through functional patter rehabilitation methods that will start to strengthen, balance and stabilise your injury or condition.

Together these elements create a comprehensive and personalised treatment recovery plan, ultimately enabling your safe return to the work, sport or activity you enjoy – regardless of your age, ability or gender.

Plantar Fascia

Finding the origin of your discomfort

An individual’s occupation, psychological stresses, lifestyle choices and daily physical activities all contribute towards the total health and condition of his or her body. Over time, these daily habitual patterns begin to have a lasting effect on our tissues, forming areas of strength and weakness that can develop into structural imbalances – the precursor to pains, strains and injuries.

Tension, aches and pains are just some of common symptoms indicating that a weakness or imbalance has developed. The progress and evolution of each individual’s discomfort or injury is unique, the onset of symptoms can be slow and insidious – usually related to one’s posture, occupation and lifestyle – or can develop suddenly, manifesting as an acute injury – commonly associated with a sudden, repetitive or dynamic activity, such as physical exertion, poor sporting technique or as a result of an accident, impact or fall.

The good news is that pain free living is on the horizon when you choose to take control of your health with soft tissue therapy. This treatment should not be mistaken for a ‘spa massage’ as it uses a variety of advanced musculo-skeletal techniques and can involve a more engaging level of treatment including deeper pressures, frictions, stretches and different methods of tissue release. If you are prepared to take an active role in working together with your therapist, the potential for your healing is quite literally unlimited.

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