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Injuries, Stains, Aches and Pains

Whether you sustained your injury during a competitive sporting event, at work, or simply bending to tie your shoe lace, the therapeutic management of a soft tissue injury (that means muscle, tendon, ligament, bursa and fascia) requires an in-depth understanding of the body and it’s bio-mechanics. Conditions such as strains, sprains and tears commonly occur as a result of repetitive tissue stress and overload, usually experienced during sports and physical activities as an over exertion injury, or as a consequence of an impact, accident or fall, where the injured joint (and the associated tissues) has been forced beyond the normal range and capacity. In other cases, prolonged periods unnatural posture such as sitting down for hours at or behind the wheel of a car – can lead to adaptive tissue shortening and tension while the opposing tissues become de-conditioning and weak as they are progressively and repeatedly lengthened and strained out of balance. Poor posture Over time these negative imbalances develop into postural habits, limiting proper bio-mechanics, muscular function and skeletal alignment – often arising gradually without the awareness of the individual. As these patterns progress chronic aches, pains and injuries normally result, sometimes seeming to appear from nowhere and usually mistakenly attributed to the aging process.


The Perfect Solution For Soft Tissue Problems

As a stand alone treatment soft tissue therapy, otherwise known as advanced remedial massage therapy, specialises in the clinical management and rehabilitation of the many types of soft tissue injuries and conditions. If you are already receiving treatment from a healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath, the good news is that soft tissue therapy supports and can in fact have enhanced healing effects when used in combination with any of these therapies – As proven by the Olympians of Team GB


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Even if you are injury free, soft tissue therapy should be used as an important preventative measure against injury as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an essential part of the healing / recovery phase of athletic training.

Your body is a super adaptive healing machine that has evolved over thousands of yeas to be this way. However, post industrial culture has changed the way we use our bodies away from our natural bio-mechanic rhythms into unnatural mechanistic patterns of technologically saturated convenience. Enter soft tissue therapy, a treatment that helps your body to recalibrate, normalise and heal.

If you are injured, or have aches pains and strains, don’t wait! The longer you ‘manage’ with your condition, the more work it will take to bring you back to a healthy happy pain free condition.


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